Saturday, 17 May 2014

Small Validations

Our Thursday evening jumping lesson got cancelled because everyone but me and Melinda cancelled because it was windy.

It was not that windy.  So I rode anyways, and since Melinda was around I jumped the fences already set up.  The mare was a rockstar.  She jumped everything without hesitation and only had one ugly distance.  We even jumped the oxer without a second thought.  I'm so proud of her and me.  I'm working hard on remembering that I did not get hurt at an oxer, and even if I did, she can, and will jump them if I can stay out of my head.   She was so good that I really got to focus on my position, which has been neglected of late due to the ever present left run-out and desire to just stay alive.

I really focused on a tight lower leg ad keeping my weight on the balls of my feet to allow my ankle to have some movement to absorb the shock.  I also kept my butt out of the saddle, before, during and after the fence (which is a big deal for me, I tend to sit down halfway over the fence).

It was the first time Melinda has seen me jump in a few months and she remarked that it looked like a different horse.  She commented that the mare was actively listening to me, rather than listening to her emotions ("I'm mad, I'm mad" being her normal for jumping).  It's just amazing how much my confidence was lifted by that one small comment.

I have to thank Sam for the progress we've made in the past month.  I was down her way for a week in April and hauled in for a few lessons.  Her fresh eyes were able to give me some very effective tools to combat the run-out and boosted my confidence by miles.  We jumped a 3'3" oxer with a 3' spread while down there and at the time I was struggling with a 2'3" oxer at home.
Giant oxer- Wasn't even scary
When the mare and I have a partnership that has really cemented I think we are going to be a force to be reckoned with!

I'll leave you with these photos of my horse choosing the most inappropriate spot to graze.

There's a giant lawn at her disposal, but apparently this grass is better?

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