Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lazy day

I went out to the barn yesterday with every intention of riding.  I got all my gear out, grabbed the mare and put her on the lawn to graze while I let my coach's dogs out.  I ended up playing fetch with Austin for a solid 20 minutes and sort of lost my motivation.

So I gave the mare a good grooming (she's only started really shedding in the last few weeks) and grabbed the clippers.  Her cornary band and fetlocks are now presentable and  I did her bridlepath while she was groundtied!!!!  Considering she's a crazy nut about her ears I counted this as one of our biggest victories yet.

I was feeling a little more ambitious by that time so on the lunge she went.  We even dragged out the Pessoa system for shits and giggles.
Pretty Red Mare
She was do good that I figured I'd hop on bareback.  I grabbed my EcoGold pad (no desire to get covered in hair, nor to slip off) and clambered on.  We had a fabulous ride that included leg yields, shoulder ins, travers, and even one flying change.  I found it way easier to make sure I was centered and balanced so I think I am going to incorporate it into our weekly routine.

Mare also started a new supplement for her ulcers, so hopefully I will have positive new on that front in a few weeks.

Overall it was a perfect day out at the barn.

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