Thursday, 2 April 2015

We're Not Dead, Just Boring

I can't believe it is already April!

I haven't blogged in quite awhile because first things were super busy, and then they got supremely boring.  Dee and I hauled down to Cochrane for a Sandra Soklowski clinc (she's a physiotherapist who works with riders) and squeezed in some lessons with our alternate trainer Sam. The next weekend we cliniced with Sandra Donnelly again, with great success.

Then on February 15, Dee came in from the pasture lame. Head-bobbing, painfully lame. I buted her and decided to give her a week off.  The pastures were super icy from this year's lovely freeze and thaw cycle so we figured she slipped. When a week had passed with no improvement I hauled her out to my vet.

After a lameness exam and copious blocking it was decided that she was sore in the navicular area and the most likely culprit was a collateral ligament injury. Dr. Jazz and I discussed doing an ultrasound but she told me it would be hit-or-miss if we could see anything. An MRI was the most foolproof way of conclusively diagnosing. Since the treatment would be the same I decided to hold off on the expensive imaging and just take her home to let time do it's job.

Stall rest has given me a horse that is excited to see me (or my cookies)

The treatment? 6 weeks of stall rest. Dee has a habit of weaving when she is stressed so it was imperative that we keep her content. Thankfully my barn has an outdoor medical pen. It backs onto the pony pen  and the shavings shelter so she has company and a windbreak.

We're into the 6th week and she is feeling better for sure.  Handwalking is akin to flying a kite or taming a dragon. In order to keep her calm and collected I've taken to ponying her and we're both much happier this way.

All our spring plans are cancelled or put on hold.  But my horse is happy, and really the timing could have been much worse. Hopefully we get the all clear on Monday to start the rehab.
Fat and furry but getting interested in people.