Friday, 26 May 2017

Broken Pony

Dee has apparently decided that I cannot go on vacation. I got home at 3 am after a week away and ran out to put rain sheets on the hooligans due to an incoming storm. Everyone was happy and undamaged.

Not the text you want to get

My SO texted me the above photo later the same day while I was at work. Thankfully he's awesome and cold hosed it for me and let me know that there was heat but no swelling and it didn't look like a puncture, just a missing chunk.

I figured it's a long ways from her heart, and finished up my work day. By the time I got home it was super fat so I cold hosed, scrubbed and wrapped, wit a plan to reassess in the morning.

Still puffy after being wrapped all night

Unfortunately, it was fat and super hot in the morning so I set up an appointment with the vet later in the day. Because my SO really is awesome he took her in for me so I could still get a full day of work in. 

I figured it wouldn't be an issue for me not to be there. I was counting on them scrubbing it up and sending her home with SMZ's.

Turns out it's a bit more involved than that. She's quite reactive to palpating the area so X-rays were taken and turns out she broke her splint bone. Thankfully it's not displaced and should heal cleanly. But the question is now if she's damaged her suspensory or if she's just reacting due to the cellulitis. 

So now it's a waiting game. Once the swelling is gone she needs to go back so we can ultrasound the leg. Fingers crossed that it's just cellulitis and the broken splint bone (never ever did I think I'd be hoping my horse just has a broken bone).

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pull myself out of the dreaded spiral of Oh-my-god-my-horse-is-broken-and-will-have-to-be-put-down-and-I'm-a-terrible-owner by drinking all the wine in my house.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Girl Who Exploded

Alternate title: A Very Expensive Weekend

So I still need to finish up my Rolex recaps but I need some blogger advice so I'm bumping those posts.

This weekend I had a XC clinic with Jessica Phoenix and it was an amazing clinic. I learned so much and had some really great rides. Unfortunately I also shit the bed pretty hard at the corner. Corners cause some serious anxiety in my world (enough that I have always taken the option).

Racing at the scary corner and not committing to both the line and canter is a recipe for disaster even when mounted on a saintly XC machine. See supporting evidence below:

The 6-year-old boy was sad to have missed seeing "the girl explode"

For those who don't watch videos

It's a bit hard to see in the video but I landed face first. The brim of my helmet went straight into the ground and my forehead took the brunt of my fall. Thankfully I am fine, minus a green tinge to my forehead today (2 days post fall).

We did manage to conquer it both directions!

So not only do I need a new canister for my vest (annoying but manageable) I also need to replace my beloved purple CO. Which completely breaks my heart because it was the 100 year anniversary version so I can't get it again. Plus it was in it's last year of service so it doesn't qualify for the replacement policy. So all of a sudden Sunday became a very expensive day.
I lovelovelove this helmet.
So much that even though it hurt my head for the first year I refused to consider something else
And then because the universe has a really sick sense of humor, my day got even more expensive. My red dog tried to eat a bloody porcupine, resulting in a Sunday evening trip to the emergency clinic.
They are in her tongue, gums, roof of her mouth and throat as well

She's fine now, feeling sorry for herself, but fine
Hopefully the vet rides because most of my budget for custom tall boots is now in her hands :(

I'm stopping by a local tack store today to try on Samshields because they are so very pretty but at this point I really need to get a new helmet before our first event on June 3. I have my every day schooling Tipperary so I can still ride but it's way too fugly to show in.

Anyone know of somewhere that has a decent sale or discount that carries Charles Owen AYR8's or the ProII Skull Cap in round sizes? Or Samshields? Or how to go about selling superfluous internal organs on the black market?