Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Girl Who Exploded

Alternate title: A Very Expensive Weekend

So I still need to finish up my Rolex recaps but I need some blogger advice so I'm bumping those posts.

This weekend I had a XC clinic with Jessica Phoenix and it was an amazing clinic. I learned so much and had some really great rides. Unfortunately I also shit the bed pretty hard at the corner. Corners cause some serious anxiety in my world (enough that I have always taken the option).

Racing at the scary corner and not committing to both the line and canter is a recipe for disaster even when mounted on a saintly XC machine. See supporting evidence below:

The 6-year-old boy was sad to have missed seeing "the girl explode"

For those who don't watch videos

It's a bit hard to see in the video but I landed face first. The brim of my helmet went straight into the ground and my forehead took the brunt of my fall. Thankfully I am fine, minus a green tinge to my forehead today (2 days post fall).

We did manage to conquer it both directions!

So not only do I need a new canister for my vest (annoying but manageable) I also need to replace my beloved purple CO. Which completely breaks my heart because it was the 100 year anniversary version so I can't get it again. Plus it was in it's last year of service so it doesn't qualify for the replacement policy. So all of a sudden Sunday became a very expensive day.
I lovelovelove this helmet.
So much that even though it hurt my head for the first year I refused to consider something else
And then because the universe has a really sick sense of humor, my day got even more expensive. My red dog tried to eat a bloody porcupine, resulting in a Sunday evening trip to the emergency clinic.
They are in her tongue, gums, roof of her mouth and throat as well

She's fine now, feeling sorry for herself, but fine
Hopefully the vet rides because most of my budget for custom tall boots is now in her hands :(

I'm stopping by a local tack store today to try on Samshields because they are so very pretty but at this point I really need to get a new helmet before our first event on June 3. I have my every day schooling Tipperary so I can still ride but it's way too fugly to show in.

Anyone know of somewhere that has a decent sale or discount that carries Charles Owen AYR8's or the ProII Skull Cap in round sizes? Or Samshields? Or how to go about selling superfluous internal organs on the black market?


  1. Damn 😔 what a weekend! Glad you're okay, even if your beautiful helmet is not. And your poor pup!

  2. I have a oneK and I've been told that the samshields fit like them. But the oneKs are cheaper. I typically use google shopping to find the best price. I'm not familiar with Canadian shopping enough to really help you.
    I'm really sorry about your weekend :(

    1. I can testify that this is false -- at least for my head shape. Samshields fit me like a glove and literally make me look like I'm ready to go to the prom. Not kidding, I would wear those helmets anywhere. oneKs sit up on my head and no matter how I size up or down they just don't settle.

      Bummer on the great expenses, but the successful go looks super legit!! And your pup... omg.

  3. The successful trip through the corner looks great! Sorry about all the expensiveness though, spending horse and dog related money should be for fun things, not for vets and broken things. I hope your head and your pup continue their healing.

  4. Fuck a duck girl! That was some weekend. Props though for making that corner you bitch in the end though! Mad respect.

  5. Shop the UK or France, they're much cheaper buying from there. But also apparently Samshield is about to come out with a cheaper version of their XJ helmet, specifically for cross country but more in the $400 price range. I'm interested to see that one!

  6. Ughhhh girlfriend. Rough weekend in spots! That poor pup's pitiful face :((

    Way to NAIL that corner after the fall tho! And exciting about your upcoming show! It makes my heart happy to see Dee doing so well!

    Personally idk about helmet shopping tips and tricks, but wonder if a plain skull cap + investment custom cover might be the way to go so you won't be in a similar position of having to part with your pretty again?

  7. No helmet leads but UGH!!! What a tough day.

  8. Wow- that was a nasty fall so good for you for getting back on and finishing. I love my ovation helmet and it was very reasonable but fit is so personal..

  9. Well you lose at weekends, yikes. Glad your pup will be ok. (And no cool advice on helmets here. I wait for helmet day and then count pennies?)

  10. Poor red dog, poor bank account :( I'm in the same boat, helmet wise...I fell in both of mine (schooling and show) twice at johvale and have resorted to using an old cheap ovation helmet I had. I liked the one K and the samshield I tried on this weekend, but the price...ughh. I haven't found any on sale and just can't pull the trigger. Yet. I would like to be able to appear in public at some point this next month :)

  11. Gracious, what a weekend. So glad everyone is going to be okay, even if a little banged up

  12. Wow so sad about your pretty purple helmet and poor dog face! :( I hope everyone's feeling better (including yourself) soon.

  13. I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry about your helmet. I bought a bunch of CO2 canisters and keep some in the trailer, some at my barn. It's cheaper if you buy a bunch and you can get them online.

  14. Oh, poor pup! :( And poor you for expensive weekends and unwanted helmet shopping.

  15. Oh boy what a weekend. Glad you and the pup are over all ok. Don't know about helmet sales but good luck and I'll be interested to hear what you find because I probably should have already replaced mine. It's kinda old.

  16. Ugh poor you and poor pup. That looks painful. I don't remember if its this month or not but there are usually deals during Helmet Awareness month.

  17. Oh man, I'm so glad that you and the doggo are okay! I hope you find a replacement helmet soon!

  18. You are such a bad ass for tackling that! Wow! I liked the idea about the helmet cover as opposed to getting a whole new one, as an interim fix! :)