Friday, 15 April 2016

Greenery Jelousy

I finished up with finals this week so I've got a few weeks off of school before the spring semester starts. I'm hoping to haul out for trail rides as much as possible during the down time.

For all of you posting pictures of riding outside I'm just going to leave this here:
This was on Tuesday. Almost no green grass to be seen.

I know we should be grateful that the snow is long gone but I'm seriously envious of the green grass I keep seeing on other people's blogs.

Fancy Dressage-Pony, right before he tripped on a tiny rock and nearly face-planted.

Studly Pants went on his first two real hacks this past week. Once with a lovely, mild mannered gelding. Other than a complete inability to figure out how to walk down a hill in a straight, balanced line, Ritchie was perfect.

Fast forward 3 days and we went out with Dee (a friend rode her for me) and another mare. I had a totally different horse. He was anxious, determined to be glued to Luna and a general pain in the ass. He got light in the front end every time I insisted that he really did have to listen to me. He forgot how to steer. He lost all his marbles when Luna got too far away. He didn't give a hoot about Dee, and we ride with Luna on a regular basis, without any theatrics so I think she may be coming into heat. The joys of riding a young stallion with minimal life experiences.

We managed to end on a really good note. He boldly led through the scary tree/fence line. He couldn't figure out how to step over a log(a really small log) but was game to follow Dee right over. We even managed some trot circles up and down a small hill.

We've set up a standing Tuesday night date for hauling out to hack in the hills. I feel like it will be much more enjoyable once it greens up!


  1. You may be green with envy but you can laugh in another couple of weeks when I start whining about sweating from grooming my horse. :)
    Hopefully Mr. Studly learns and gets better.

  2. Our grass is green because up until a month ago we hadn't had a real winter. But it's weird that I'm just now seeing trees and bushes start to bud. Saddest spring ever!

  3. Your grass is coming, ours is currently turning to mud - yay autumn.

    At least Ritchie is good looking. If he's ever being silly or just being a young-stallion at least he looks good doing it. Small consolation, but a consolation nonetheless ha.

  4. The green is coming I promise!! I was in Minnesota last week and it blew my mind how nothing was budding yet. But it's coming soon!!!!

  5. Don't feel too jealous! Our green grass in california will be gone by mid May easy.. then just fields of gold until it rains again!

  6. I have finals in two weeks and trying not to die