Friday, 1 April 2016

Achievement Unlocked!

I was hoping to get a quick jump school in last night and I was not disappointed. I'm signed up for a jumper show on Sunday because I decided that since Stadium is my weakness I should make sure I show a 3'3" course before I move up to Training.

My lessons with Judy have been fabulous and my jumping has come light years in the last two months. The only thing is, in an effort to build my confidence and preserve old lady legs, we mostly jump 2'9"-3'0". I really felt like I needed to school some fences with height before I get to the show and crap my pants while walking.

The jumps were set up and all set between 2'3" and 2'6". Since I was tight on time I left one vertical at 2'6" for a warmup and then proceeded to raise everything else. I set everything between 3'0" and 3'3" (or so I thought).

Dee and I proceeded to have one of our best jump schools ever. I just focused on Judy's advice (hands low and together, organize around the corners and keep the pace) and we jumped around everything like it was no big deal.  The hlaf circle from the pink to the purple to grey to green actually rode really well. Everything rode in a 2 and not once did I feel like we motorcycled around the turn. That's a night and day difference for us.

The brown vertical and green oxer felt a little big (as in Dee actually had to rock back and put some effort in) so after we were done I got off and measured them. Turns out they were 3'6"! Even 3 months ago, the thought of jumping a 3'6" vertical, never mind an oxer, would have resulted in severe anxiety. 

I'm excited for the show and now I'm itching for our eventing season to kick off!


  1. Awesome job!!! And Dee's face is so adorable in that picture.

  2. I'd probably pee my pants if you told me to jump 2'3" never mind 3'6"!!! But that's so awesome you're comfortable and confident over the height! More coolers in your future, I'm thinking. :)

  3. Nice work! You're going to do great this season!

  4. Awesome!! Good luck for the weekend :)

  5. Holy crap, nicely done! You guys are ready to roll for the season :) Mystic and I would love some tips for our first year at "starter level".

  6. That is AWESOME!! You guys sound like everything is clicking right into gear :D

  7. Awesome job! Love finding out jumps are bigger than you thought after riding them!