Thursday, 15 October 2015

2pointober & How My Horse Likes to Sabotage My Plans

First off, thanks to L and Hillary for once again hosting 2pointober! This round may be the best yet.  They've lined up amazing sponsors and have a whack-load of participants. Last year this contest gave me a great drive to work on my two point. I worked my butt off, enlisted help from my trainer and managed to go from a measly 1:37 to 16:02. (Spoiler alert, shortening my stirrups and adding a riser pad to my uphill saddle increased my time by almost 10 minutes, it's amazing how the correct base will make it so mush easier)

This year my baseline came in at 10:16, and let me tell you, I sure felt my legs for the next few days.  I spent quite a bit of time with my "foam" roller (actually a PVC pipe because I find the foam too soft). I've been back to the gym more since the start of this competition than the entire month of September. Here's hoping I can keep the momentum going for the rest of the month.

I had plans to take Dee on a big long trail ride at Blackfoot Grazing Reserve on Saturday. Then when I came out on Friday I found this:

 It's the same bloody eye she injured earlier this year. I flushed it out with saline, put in some antibiotic drops and turned her back out in her fly mask. More drops on Saturday, Sunday and by Monday it was looking back to normal. We had big plans to trail ride, work on our two point and generally enjoy ourselves because it was likely the last beautiful weekend and a holiday to boot! Dee obviously felt that she need Thanksgiving off as well so I spent the weekend reading books, eating way too much turkey and consuming my body weight in Oma's cream puffs.


  1. Cream puffs aren't very heavy, so that's a lot.

  2. Ohh yeah a good base is a good place to start!

  3. aw poor mareface with the injured eye - glad it's back to normal!