Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Introducing Dee!

The red mare remains for sale and unfortunately the market here is just flooded with good horses and very few buyers :(  She's going to stay with the trainer for one more month and if she hasn't sold by the end of September I will bring her home.

This is because my board bills are now doubled and I need to reduce costs where I can.  My board has doubled because I have a new partner-in-crime (ok, she's more like my babysitter)!

I had no intentions of looking for a new horse until the red mare sold since I am not made of money.  I really needed her to sell to finance my new purchase.  Well the universe intervened and the perfect horse came up, at a price that I could swing.  Who am I to dispute the universe's wishes :)

My coach was mentioning I needed a new mount to some of her customers and they told her about this 15.2 mare that a girl was selling because the mare was not taking well to retirement.  Turns out Sandra Donnelly told my coach about this horse a couple of years ago, telling her she was a very cool horse and to snap her up.  Well because she is not a traditional event breed my coach didn't even consider her.  She knows I'm not overly concerned with bloodlines or age, all I wanted was a horse that jumped all the jumps so this time she passed along the info.

I drove a couple hours to try the mare out on a Saturday.  Turns out it was the first time she had been ridden in 2 months.  I had a really great ride and made plans to bring my coach back the next day.  Her owner suggested I bring my trailer so if it went well I could take her home for a trial (since I was not prepared to purchase something that I had not taken cross country schooling).

Well my coaches exact words were "Put her in the trailer".  So we took her for a week trial.  I took her XC schooling on the Wednesday and she was a complete rockstar!  She took me to every single fence.  Even the giant Pre-Training bench that I was completely terrified of.  While we were packing up to go, everyone told me I wasn't allowed to pass her up so I had a phone call to make.

Sure we've only jumped 10 fences together, let's school the Pre-Training Coop
So I'd like to introduce my new leading lady, Dee (affectionately known as Best Pony).  She's a 17yo, 15.2 Saddebred Pinto who has shown at Training and schooled Prelim.  Dressage is going to be a challenge but if I do my job and get her to the fence she will do hers and get us over it. She's exactly what I need to rebuild the confidence I've lost riding the red mare.


  1. She looks phenomenal!!!! That first picture made me think saddlebred? What a jump, you guys will have so much fun!!!

  2. She's a looker!! Congrats :D