Thursday, 12 June 2014

Beaumont HT - Course

So I just bought the CourseWalk app and I have to say I was less than impressed (especially for $10!)  Every time I wanted to take a photo it crashed and I had to restart it.  I contacted support and they've been great but they can't pinpoint why.  Here's hoping it works in Cochrane. Because of the glitch I missed some photos.

This is the fence I fell off at during the derby.

I'm standing right beside the Pre-Training jump to get this photo

New jump!

It was up and over a hill to get to this coop

The headstones, almost every horse knocks these.

The dreaded airplane, complete with new gravel to give it a scary terrain change

Bank up, down was not required but it is only 1 stride (2 if you're crawling) across.

I think we've jumped this during schooling?

In the pipeyard with yet another strange approach necessary due to other fences

Last fence, also one we haven't schooled before.

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