Thursday, 13 April 2017

11 Weeks In One Photo Dump

Break out the champagne! I wrote my last final for my degree last night. This semester has kicked my ass, hard, so blogging (and horses) took a back seat. I've been riding, but sporadically. Thankfully my creatures are all honest souls so there has been very little antics. And they live in the backyard so I still get my pony-fix.

This is exactly how I felt last night

Little asshole is enjoying living with my mom and is the first to the gate, every time.

We hacked out in January

And in February
My previous barn once again hosted two Sandra Donnelly clinics. I rode both horses in the first one. I was super impressed with William he hadn't done a grid or a course prior to this clinic but he took both in stride.  He also had never seen an oxer before this clinic and he just couldn't brain. Even when we disassembled it it took him quite a while to figure out that he had to jump/walk over both rails. The clinic was a great success though. Sandra told me I'd be crazy to sell him, but if I did decide to sell him I should sell him to her. It's always great when someone you truly respect thinks highly of your horse, even when he's being a sassy, green 5 year-old.
Jumper or reiner, you decide
Seriously, the cutest face ever.
And sometimes he forget that he has 4 legs.

Dee was her usual rockstar self and packed me around the 3'3" group. I missed her and I"m so glad she's back to her usual self. I've seen no back soreness at all since we started back jumping.

For my birthday we tormented the dogs

My kitchen window view never gets old

William was foot perfect for his first time in water, with a rider he'd never met
Also, she tried to steal him :)

When both the dogs and the pony need some exercise and there are only so many daylight hours
 It's been pretty low-key around here and I'm quite excited to get back into a regular schedule, with both the horses and the blog.


  1. Great pictures - glad to see you back on the blogging wagon.

  2. Congrats on finishing the degree!

  3. Eeeeeee I already <3 William too, and it's so wonderful to read about (and see!) you and Dee getting back at it like bosses!!

  4. YAY FOR FINISHING YOUR DEGREE!!!! And for William being awesome, and life going well! (:

  5. So much good news!!! :D Congrats on finishing the degree. Happy to hear William is a sainted baby pony and Dee is feeling great too :)