Thursday, 26 January 2017

Still Nameless....

So William is still lacking a show name. I really want to register him for a TIPS number but can't do it until I settle on a name.

His JC name is Hes the Fashion, which I just can't stomach as a show name, so something new is needed.

I'm drawing a total blank on what to call him. I've actually never been this stumped. I've named plenty of horses, including helping out friends but for some reason I can't come up with anything for William. So I'm reaching out to the awesome blogger community for some help.

Also, hes starting to fill out nicely.
And there's a story behind the awful clip, as in he is a two person, twitch and drugs kind of clip

So far the suggestions are:

Horsewithnohashtag (in an ode to his instagram hashtag)
Some fashion designer/brand (William Tempest, William Rast, William Morris)
William the Red
Billy Corgan (Because my brother calls him Bill, no matter how many times I correct him that it's William and Billy Corgan apparently prefers to be called William now)

Any suggestions?


  1. I kind of like Horsewithnohashtag!

  2. William of Orange (since he's chestnut)

  3. Choosing a show name is tough! I'll give you a few random ideas.

    Here goes: Iron Will and Babylon are two that I just like.

    I also though it might be neat to find some italian words that describe fashion-related items (because italian sounds so nice and fashion ties into his registered name). So here are a few of those: Balza (flounce in italian), Cavallino (pony skin ew), and Piccannello (hanger loop haha) are a few. There are more here if you want to lose a few hours of your life!

  4. I'm terrible with show names, which is why Stinker kept the one he came with. When I'm left to my own devices animals gets names like Stinker, Chubbers, Fatso (giant cat I had as a kid)...

    You could always go historical like William the lion heart, William the conqueror, William Tell, William Wallace or something.

  5. Ugh I'm the worst at names haha (thus explaining why literally every one of my critters sports a name assigned by someone before me lol). Idk. Will be fashionable; William wearing red; dressed in red; fitzstyling (idfk kinda like fitzwilliam?); lol these are all questionable at best but you can see where my mind goes (and why maybe i leave naming to more creative sorts lol). Good luck!

  6. Fashion Forward, or you can play with it and do Fashion Foreword. LOL. I kind of loe relating to his JC name a To the Nines / Cool Customer / Man About Town / Avant Garde ??

  7. Will in Style
    Latest Thing (get it? He's the Fashion...)
    On Point

  8. Call him Fashionisto. It sounds fancy and imported ;)

  9. He is so friggen cute.

    As a sidenote, I just wanted to let you know I have changed my blog name, so it may not show up in your reader list anymore. The new url is www dot twoandahalfhorses dot blogspot dot com. You may have to re-enter it into your reader list to follow again.

  10. I honestly have no good suggestions, but I like reading everyone else's. William is such a good looking horse! I'm sure you'll find the perfect show name for him.