Friday, 6 January 2017

Blogger Secret Santa

Once again Tracy at Fly On Over hosted a fabulous Blogger Secret Santa. It's always one of my favourite parts of the year. I absolutely love this community and I always enjoy finding more blogs and bloggers to interact with.

This year I got Carey and had fun trying to figure out what to get her. Once I figured out a great option I reached out to the blogger community for some help getting it to me since shipping for it was outrageous if I shipped it to Canada, free within the States. Emma awesomely stepped up to help me out (as did countless others, I just got her email first).

Little did I know, Emma had drawn me so it worked out perfectly. I was completely shocked when I opened the package, expecting just Carey's book (you can find out what I got her here) and finding some adorable wrapped gifts.

How other bloggers manage to set their excitement aside to photograph before opening I will never know, I tore into them like a child on Christmas morning :)

There was a lovely black, white and burgundy bonnet that will look good on either horse :) I was just saying I needed more bonnets since I only had one nice one for two horses.

So pretty.

A couple of hand warmers (that have already been used for sub zero farrier appointments) were a perfect addition.

I was completely happy with both gifts and would have been totally content if that was it. But then I noticed I had missed one last item in the package.

I inadvertently saved the best for last, the most adorable fox socks.

Seriously, how cute are these?
Thanks Emma, not only for the awesome gifts, but also for helping facilitate Carey's gift. Also a big thank you to Tracy for hosting yet another awesome gift exchange.


  1. Yay I'm so glad you like them!! I couldn't believe my luck when you posted about wanting help with shipping, as I had been hemming and hawing how to go about ordering and shipping gifts for you! It worked out perfectly!!

  2. That is so awesome how it all worked out! I love that bonnet!

  3. Haha it never even occurs to me to photograph wrapped gifts! Super cute presents!!

  4. Cute bonnet! Thanks again for your oh-so-thoughtful gift! And thanks for going through that extra effort to get it for me! Thanks Emma! :)