Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Riding in the Dark

Dee and I have been having some less than stellar rides lately. I think we are both sick and tired of going around in circles in the indoor.

Don't get me wrong, spending the last few months focusing on dressage has been great for both of us but lately I haven't been feeling that excited for our rides. So last night when it warmed up to an unseasonably warm -4°C I grabbed my headlamp and quarter sheet and went for a trail ride.

We've got about 2km of trails that loop around the back of the property and lead to a field that we can ride in. I started with my headlmap on but turned it off once we go to the field. There was just a tiny sliver of moon, but it was enough light that I could make out the fence line. Other than that I let Dee figure it out.
On our way to the trails

We had a blast. I did not ask anything of Dee except which gait we were in. No collection, minimal contact, and no circles. It was so nice to just get out and play in the snow. I don't have any idea how long we were out there, or how far we went but I can tell you it was a much needed break.

Ritchie is new and exciting but Dee is still Best Pony. When I got back a couple of other boarders commented on how brave I was to ride in the dark. But I trust Dee so bravery isn't really something I factored in.
I took this at 5:46 and it was pitch black out already

I've forgotten how enjoyable riding in the dark is. Something about it just soothes the soul. There is nothing but you and your horse. It's like hitting the reset.


  1. aw what an awesome feeling :)

  2. I can't wait until Daylight Savings time comes back... so frustrating to have it get dark out so early still. As a sidenote, I'm glad you had a wonderful ride!

  3. I've never ridden in the dark, it sounds amazing :)

  4. I'd love to ride in the dark. But we have mountain lions around here so I don't feel safe being out at night.