Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015: A Year in Review


First Dee scratched her eye. Which was looking better by the time the vet was out.

We hauled 3 hours down to Cochrane to attend a Sandra Soklowski clinic and squeezed in some lesson with our alternate eventing trainer. I had my first fall off Dee when she popped over an oxer and I got jumped out of the tack.

We hosted a Sandra Donnelly clinic at our barn and Dee and I had a blast.

Sullivan got his feet done for the first time.


Dee came up super lame. A suspected collateral ligament injury (need an MRI to confirm) meant stall rest for at least 6 weeks. Since she weaves when she's bored or stressed, we set her up in an outdoor stall.

The Boy gets me a PS of Sweden High Jump bridle for my birthday :)


Hand-walking becomes challenging and I become convinced I own a Saddlebred-Kraken-Dragon-Kite cross. I start riding Martini and ponying Dee in an effort to keep all 4 feet on the ground.

Two days apart. Isn't Alberta great?

More handwalking.

Mid-month I get the OK to start Dee back into work, very very slowly.
First ride back

We move to our summer barn and Sullivan joins us.


Sullivan continues his training with the neighbour girl. He's finally turning into a respectable equine.

Dee and I attend our first Endurance ride, completing the 12 mile Intro division.

So much fun!


Dee has her first sidesaddle experience, including jumping. 

I splurge on another PS of Sweden bridle and a shwack of stuff from Beka.

We head to a Becky Lee clinic in Cochrane and school almost exclusively Training level jumps.

Attend a local jumper schooling show and take home some firsts

Complete our first event together, finishing on our dressage score.


I fall off the blogging train completely until October.

James Alliston clinic, where I fall off but manage to avoid all panic attacks.

Thompson Country HT, finish on our dressage score again.

Vacation and school at Herron Park with Sandra Donnelly.

Check compete at Rebecca Farm off my bucket list :) Finish on our dressage score again.

End up with a boot rub and cellulitis after the final day at Rebecca.


Complete Alhambra HT, crappy footing leads to a slip in front of the fence and we pick up our first XC penalties.

Had pro photos taken of the family, furred and humanoid alike.


Complete South Peace HT, finishing on our dressage score for the final event of the year
Favourite photo of the year

Sullivan hauls to a local RPSI inspection to get branded

Attend a local jumper show that offers good prize money. Kick butt and come home with coolers, cash and satin :)


Dee injures the same eye that she hurt in January.

The Boy and I buy an acreage and bring Sullivan home. Obviously Sullivan needs company so I acquire Chase. The month is rather quiet on the equine front since we spend most of it homeless and moving.


Another quiet month as we settle into our new place.

Take the whole herd to the vet. Discover Chase has ringbone and Dee is a very young 18.

Attend a Jessica Phoenix clinic and struggle with anxiety.


Sullivan goes to his first show!

I acquire a new lease pony! (More info to come in the New Year once I get photos!)
He's so very handsome!


  1. Oh my goodness he is a handsome fellow!!!
    Can't wait to hear more about him

  2. So many amazing accomplishments! Congrats! Can't wait to see what 2016 brings you (and who that handsome new face is!)

  3. Can't wait to read about the new guy!

  4. What a year! I love your favorite photo too. Excited to hear about the new guy! :)

  5. what a big year for you guys - can't wait to see what 2016 brings for the herd!! :D