Friday, 13 November 2015

$900FB Pony Blog Hop: Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

1. It's been said, multiple times, but my absolute must have horse show essential is my Stanley trunk. My show stuff lives in it and only requires a quick double check before loading it into the trailer.

2. Back on Track socks and ankle brace.  Horse shows invariably require tons of walking on less than perfect surfaces. This consistently will lead to me limping and losing mobility in my ankle (it hates anything that isn't completely flat). When I wear the brace and socks I retain way more mobility and have less people stop and ask me if I'm ok, and did I fall off. Actually, all the BoT stuff is essential.  Dee's mesh blanket, no-bows and bell boots must go to every show as well. Gotta help out the old lady body every way we can.

3. Ecolicious Blinded by the White. I've got a pinto with white legs. Enough said.

4. Hanging bucket hooks. I have enough to outfit 3 stalls with 2 water buckets and a feed bucket each. I love them. I will never go back to hanging buckets with twine, bridle hooks or chains.

5. Virkon.  I always spray down every surface in the stall before Dee is put into it. Biosecurity is important folks.

Bonus item! I've worn my Straight Shot Metal Smashing Courage bracelet for every XC course this year. The only stop we had was when the footing was terrible ad we slipped (so it doesn't really count), otherwise we had no XC penalties. It's my good luck charm, especially since my Good JuJu charm fell off of it's hook somewhere on the South Peace XC course.
Good luck charm


  1. I love the ecolicious conditioner. I think I may need the whitener next!

  2. interesting about the virkon tablets!

  3. I must order myself some 'smashed metal' I love everything I see from her!

  4. I love your good luck charm :) Lots of great tips for my first show season this year.

  5. Hey there! I don't see a contact page for you, but if you're seriously interested in my PS dressage bridle, shoot me an email at sprinklerbandits at g mail dot com.