Thursday, 11 June 2015

Best Pony Has Nicer Stuff Than Me

So while I am in the midst of trying to clamp down on spending, since we are in the process of buying an acreage (if we ever find one we can agree on), I have made some purchases recently that I feel zero guilt about. (Who am I kidding, tack purchases never make me feel guilty)

I love shipping things to work, I get to take time out of my day to play grabby hands!

First off, PS of Sweden had one of the bridles I've been eyeing up in their outlet.  It was so reduced it was practically begging me to buy it. So Dee now has a beautiful brown Flying Change bridle. The nose band is a little stiff so it fits a little funny right now, but as it break in I am sure it will be fabulous! The only weird thing is the throatlatch I ordered has no holes in it.  Has anyone else ordered one? Is this normal, do I just punch holes in it? Now the hunt is on for a brown dressage saddle!
It's so snazzy!

A while ago, I ordered some stuff from Beka.  She was super awesome and let me order some things I'd seen her do but weren't in her store. Because Canada Post moves at the speed of a glacier I just got my package yesterday.

It was completely worth the wait! And the timing actually worked out well. I got it just in time to use my new "Good Juju" charm for our first XC school of the year. And it worked, we couldn't have had a better ride. I knew I wanted a white skull but that was it, so I told Beka that the rest was dealers choice.  I love how it came out, with the teal bead and the stamped tag. This will live on my jump bridle from now on.  I can use all the help I can get.

I also ordered another "Best Pony" tag for her halter since I lost the one Beka had originally made for me (Two Pointober winnings!). A "Courage In The Middle" bracelet and a set of tags for my field boots rounded out my order. I can't recommend Straight Shot Metal Smashing enough. Beka is a joy to deal with. Since her Etsy store isn't set up to ship to Canada and I ordered items not on her store we communicated via email and she was quick to respond, super helpful and gave me many options I didn't even think of.

I also got a few extras in my pacakage. One of the extras is her signature bracelet with the horse shoe. I LOVE IT.  I've been wearing it for only half a day and I've had multiple compliments on it.  It's perfect for me to wear to work.

I also got a key chain that I will be using as a halter tag for the #littleasshole. Seriously though folks, Beka is the best, go visit her store and buy it all!
How perfect are these?!?


  1. Woot, PS of Sweden!! The throatlatch has no holes, just punch one where you need/want it.

  2. Dee looks so great in that bridle!! (and what is this PS of Sweden outlet that you speak of?? the site keeps redirecting me to the main page!?!). also yea, Beka's stuff is amazing and i love my charms and tags beyond all reason :D

    1. Looks like everything sold already. I believe they were clearing out their old stock (before the leather upgrade).

    2. aww boo haha. i've been eyeing their browbands, but not too too closely bc it's honestly too dangerous of a site to check often lol

  3. Love all the swag!! Beka's stuff is so affordable that it really doesn't count and OMG I almost bought more bridles in the outlet. I do not need bridles. But so cheap. And so affordable. AAAAH WANT.

    If I wasn't showing, I would have done it.

    1. Sooo cheap. For me to buy the new Flying Change, with reins would have cost me $500 after exchange and shipping, I got this one for $200 shipped. I couldn't pass it up. No dinners out for me for awhile.