Friday, 19 December 2014

Finally Bought A Saddle

It's a Christmas Miracle!  I found a saddle, and it only cost $500 more than my horse. It's jump saddle that fits me amazingly and is passable on Dee (and is pretty good with the right half pad/breastplate combination).  We've decided this is the best we are going to get without going custom.  The hunt for the dressage saddle has been placed on hold since I currently have one borrowed that works and I spent my saddle budget ont his one.  Once the insurance company figures out what they are doing with my other saddle I will hopefully have the money to buy my own then.

The new-to-me saddle is a very lovely wool-flocked Amerigo monoflap.  It was actually custom ordered by my coach when she was moving up to Intermediate.  After she sold the horse she sold the saddle, and now it's made it's way back to me.  It really is a small world.  I can't wait to take some more lessons and really enjoy having a saddle that puts me in the right position.

And my mama just ordered me a new PS breastplate to go with it!


  1. that saddle is *beautiful* - glad it works out well enough. Dee is gonna look so spiffy all togged up in that saddle and a PS breastplate :)

  2. Yayayay for new saddle! Very nice :)
    For future reference... I'm selling an older schleese dressage saddle, it's like riding a cloud but it's too narrow for Apollo.