Tuesday, 9 December 2014

And Then There Were Two

Red Mare made it safely to Washington!

All ready to go.

Her new owner booked her into a transport from Edmonton to Langley on Nov 17.  We were given a window of Nov 29 - Dec 2.  This worked well because the plan was for her to have a few recovery days at a vet clinic in Langley before they drove up and hauled her across the border themselves on the 4th.

Then it snowed 30cm and was -30.  The shipper postponed due to roads and weather (understandably).  They told us they would pick her up between 7-10am on Dec 3.  I waited at the barn until 10:30 and then had to leave to go to work.  I finally managed to get a hold of them via email (after calling a dozen times and leaving multiple messages) only to be told that they meant Thursday morning.  Since I had already missed one morning of work I was not about to wait around for them to show up so I told them to have the driver call me when he was an hour out. I finally got a call at 11:45 (window was still 7-10) letting me know he was an hour away.  He finally arrived and we got her loaded at 1pm, 3 hours after the 3 hour pickup window!

At least the rig was what they said it would be.

To add insult, my coach had asked me who we were shipping with about a week before as she had a client just down the road who needed two horses shipped to Vancouver.  When she got to the barn on Wednesday she asked me why my horse was still here.  Apparently those two horses got picked up on Saturday, when our booking was postponed due to weather and road conditions!  The shipping company gave our booking away and then lied to us about needing to postpone.
She loaded like a pro and settled right in.

With all the delays, the mare did not get any recovery time in Langley but hopped right back on a trailer to complete her journey.  Thankfully she traveled well and made it to her destination safely.  I got a text letting me know she made it safely, drank a full bucket of water, ate her hay and laid down and went straight to sleep.  Good Mare!

Excited new owners!
I wish Jennifer and Cary all the best with her and I as much as I will miss her, I'm glad she found them.


  1. Shipping is such a pain. When Henry came from Ontario he was supposed to arrive at noon. He arrived at midnight. And I couldn't get a hold of anyone (so I was slightly panicked!).

    Looks like the red mare is happy with her new people :)

  2. glad she made it ok - and hope she settles in well with her new people! the shipping sounds like a total nightmare, but at least it's over now :)

  3. I hate to say it, but I've only been happy with a shipper one time. The others were exactly as you described, late (by multiple days), poor communication and weird stuff like my horses staying over where they shouldn't have and switching trailers (and not a nice one like the one they advertised/were picked up in) mid trip.
    Glad she arrived safe and sound and everyone is happy :)

  4. Glad that despite the snafus, she arrived safe and sound!