Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Red Mare Finds A New Home

She sold!

I"m so excited.  Not only because my budget will go back to balancing but also because the mare found an incredible home!

A couple drove up from Seattle (which Google Maps tells me is a 15 hour drive!) this weekend to come try her out.  I really liked them from the get-go.  The husband is an equine vet and the wife is just getting back into riding after a 10 year hiatus.  They're looking for something solid and sane to allow her to get back into the horse world.  They wanted something that can do multiple disciplines and is comfortable hacking out.

After a quick demo of me riding, she hopped on and it went really well.  The mare highlighted some of her weaknesses and it inspired her to really sit correctly (if you half halt without backing it up with leg the mare will stop).  Both of them really liked how she's been there, done that and hasn't been pigeon-holed into one slot.

I was shocked that the mare really liked them, especially the husband.  She's normally quite aloof an will rarely take cookies from strangers but she took cookies from him right away and was constantly checking back for more.

So on Friday it's a quick trip to the vet to get her coggins and paperwork done.  Shipping is currently being arranged, and then she will be on her way.

I'll miss her but I'm so very glad that she has found an amazing home where she will be loved and used.

And now I can get serious about shopping for a new saddle to fit Dee.
The mare and her new human