Thursday, 9 October 2014

#TBT - Equines Of My Past

I was talking to a new boarder at the barn and during the conversation our past horses came up.  She was completely flabbergasted that I do not know an accurate count of how many horses I've ridden.

I grew up with hoses.  I do not remember learning to ride, I've always just been able to.  My mother was a trainer and certified coach.  As a teenager I rode all her training horses before they went home.  To this end I'm sure I have ridden 200+ horses, even if I only rode them once or twice.  I've had over a dozen horses that I considered mine, some good, some bad, some ugly and only one heart horse.

Skylight was not the first horse I rode but she was the first one that was exclusively mine. Mom picked her up so that I would have something my size so I could learn to bridle and saddle by myself.  I was only 4 when we got her.

Skylight was an awesome children's pony.  She was hardly bigger than a miniature and she had been around the block and new the drill.  If there was an adult in sight she was an angel, the minute the adult wasn't around she would rub her charge off on the fence.  If that didn't' work she would give laying down a try.

I have very fond memories of that pony. When my parents split and the farm got sold she went to teach my younger cousins how to ride.  I remember my aunt popping 3 of us on her back to toddle around while she fed the cows.

That little rotten pony taught most of our family how to bridle and saddle, how to steer and how to kick like hell when she moved close to the fence. She won me my first ribbon that wasn't in leadline.  I wouldn't be the rider I am without her.  She taught me to mean what I say, EVERY SINGLE TIME and for that I will always be grateful.
Circa 1992


  1. very cute - i have such a soft spot for rotten little ponies lol

  2. She's adorable...which is almost a guarantee that she's going to be feisty! :)

  3. That picture should be a painting!