Friday, 17 October 2014

Best Pony Goes Trail Riding

Isabel and I hauled out to Blackfoot Grazing Reserve to take the ponies for what was supposed to be a leisurely trail ride.  We started off in the fields and made the ponies walk calmly up and down all the hills.  Dee was game but Martini was pretty sure we should canter or trot.
I love fall rides

We ended up moving a little quicker than we thought, going 15 km in just over 2 hours.  It was the first big trail ride I've taken Dee on because I'm trying to bring her fitness up slowly.  I'm pretty sure she was getting tired (at the very least she should have been) but she was completely game to continue on.  I think she would power on until she dropped from exhaustion.  I never once had to push her, I held her back more than anything.  Turns out my little Saddlebred completely outwalks the 16.1 TB.
Sweaty Pony

The more I ride this horse, the happier I am.  I'm sure we will have rough days because nothing is ever smooth sailing but she's so willing and honest I'm having more fun than I have in a very long time.  We actually hauled to a XC course a few hours away just to get one final schooling in and it was funner than I could have hoped.  Dee and I babysat the greenbean 3 year olds in between schooling.  She jumped everything I pointed her at and then was content to stand with the babies or lead them over tiny logs. Not once was I scared for my life.  I had forgotten what it felt like to not be completely terrified of a XC course and Dee is giving my back my confidence.

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  1. yay! so glad you are enjoying this horse :) she looks like such a sweetie