Wednesday, 8 October 2014

2pointober 2014

Well I decided if I'm going o give this blogging thing a go, I should try to be more involved (outside of just reading blogs while avoiding work).  The annual Two-Point-Challenge hosted by Viva Carlos and Equestrian at Hart seemed like the perfect platform to become a participant.  And let's be honest, who couldn't use more two point work?

So I set out to get a baseline time and unfortunately the only day that worked was a day I was riding a friends horse so I did it in a saddle that is too small for me.  Nothing like making it even harder.  Turns out I have a balance problem.  My balance gave out way before my leg muscles.  I couldn't make it past 1:37 without touching the neck.  I tried a few times and I always lost my balance and ended up touching the neck, therefore stopping my time.

This is just a very clear highlight of a bigger problem.  I rely on my hands for balance way too much.  Since Dee refuses to let me balance on her mouth I have just transferred my balance to the neck strap and mane.

My goal this month is going to be to increase my ability to balance.  I'd really like to get to at least 10 minutes of two-point.

Thanks to L. and Hillary for setting up an interesting and fun contest!


  1. This is such a great exercise for everyone. Good luck!

  2. yay for 2pointober! i'm right there with you on the 'balancing-on-hands' thing. it's so frustrating (and i'm not very clear why my horse tolerates it) - but hopefully all this 2point practice will help!! (some no stirrups work will get tossed in for added insurance lol)