Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Blogger Hates Me....July Goals

There has been a ton that has happened in the past few weeks.  I had a fight with Blogger in which I wrote a big long post and it disappeared.  This frustrated me so much I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to start over.  So I'll start with a goals recap and hopefully my confidence in Blogger will be bolstered.

June Goals Recap

-Ride sidesaddle at least twice a week Only sorta happened, but I did actively practice
-No stirrup work (or bareback) for at least 45 min a week - Total Fail.  I think all month was only 45 min
-At least one no pressure ride Went for a couple of simple low key hacks.
-Complete an event with a number, even if it's K2 high (I've got two chances for this one) Beaumont was an E but Cochrane was a number! (and yes, it was crazy high)
-A jumping lesson (or show) without a single run-out or stop Lesson with Sam, and a 2 day clinic with Sandra Donnelly all with no-runouts
-DON'T FALL OFF - Another major fail.  Two falls in one week :(
-Make a concentrated effort to get fitter (so I don't run out of steam before the end of my course) - Not even a little bit.

July Goals

-No stirrup work or bareback at least once a week (I'm going to start small)
-Focus on dressage and getting more swing in her back and less tension in her neck
-Work on dragging objects
-Work out a financial and time plan for sending the mare for training in August
-Look into alternative therapies for my ankle

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