Monday 20 November 2017


I have missed the blogging world in the 5 months since I've posted! I've been trying to keep up but I'm not always successful.

I've got tons of news but the CliffNotes version is:
I got laid off and took the summer to go be a working student
Dee came sound and we went to Rebecca Farm

Dee told me loud and clear that she doesn't want to do Training anymore
I rode Sullivan for the first time

William schooled XC like a freaking boss

Dee and an 11 year old girl feel in love and now she's living the good life

I'm still unemployed, which is frustrating and kinda fun all at the same time

And the big news: I just picked up two new project horses! I went looking for one and somehow came home with two.

My mom and have been looking to pick up an OTTB sale project and we had a pretty simple list; 4+, 15.3+, sound and ideally a gelding (since everything else at my place is a gelding).

I did manage to get one that met most of the criteria. Meet JP Barley.

She's a 7yo, 16hh mare with 54 starts. She's very similar in type to William, delicate, fine boned and pretty sweet.

Bonus horse does not for the criteria. Meet the Vicar is a 16.2, 3yo gelding who is coming off an injury. We were looking at a horse in the paddock next to him and I asked about Vicar because I really liked the look of him. She hadn't planned on selling him but when I committed to the mare she said I should take the gelding and give him some more time off. She said if he comes riding sound to send her $500.

So I came home with 2 new horses. Oops 😀


  1. Sorry for the unemployment situation but yah for lots of fun pony updates!

  2. Quite a year! Best of luck in the job hunt.

  3. So good to hear from you!! I'd been wondering how things were going! Sorry about the job and about Dee's transition from jumping the big stuff to bringing along the next generation. Tho it sounds like a perfect situation for her! Congrats on the new ponies and omg William looks amazing!!!

  4. Going looking for one horse and coming home with two totally sounds like something I would do 😂 sorry about the lack of a job situation, but sounds like you're making the best of it! Can't wait to see updates on these new cuties.

  5. Lots of stuff going on! Excited to hear more about your project horses :)

  6. Sounds like a busy few months - but so exciting about the new ponies!

  7. Not having a job can be frustrating! Exciting about all the changes and glad you are still kicking around and having fun

  8. Def need a better picture of free project horse. He looks so cute! I saw that Dee told you she was done around the same time Pig said the same to me. Hugs. That's so hard!