Thursday, 6 October 2016

Catching Up with William

I adore this horse. He's such a sassy redhead! He's constantly testing the boundaries but once you explain them (in very clear black and white) he settles in well.
He's figured out that cookies come from the barn

He's been spending a ton of time tied to the Patience Tree. He's got a very nasty habit of pulling so he gets to stand there and figured out patience while I read my book. My dressage coach suggested tying him at least 6-7' up the tree because it's nearly impossible for him to get enough leverage to pull. It seems to be working. Last time I tied him up, he just cocked a foot and proceeded to have a nap.

The Patience Tree
We've had our first ride together. He was so good. It took about 15 minutes to get him to chill out at the mounting block. He was very determined that kicking out frantically would get the devil device away from him. But after some discussion (read:beating) he figured out that kicking out at me is completely unacceptable.
Note my face

That's my "5 year old, got a cookie" face

After a few minutes in the round pen I was feeling confident enough to move him to the very large outdoor. He was a really good boy. We walked, trotted and cantered as if he's always been a quiet sporthorse. There was basically no giraffing, he picks up both leads rather easily, he comes back the moment you think about stopping and he didn't care that my 911 Buddy was sitting on Dee in the middle of the ring. His steering is non existent, but I can teach that!

He's had the last two weeks off because we pulled his racing plates and are transitioning him to barefoot. He was slightly tender for a couple days but seems to be doing well now so tomorrow we are going to free jump him!

Cows are skerry!
It could have gone horribly wrong, buying a baby racehorse sight unseen, from another province, but so far, he's just fun. And cute. And I still get to ride while Dee is off at her health vacation.

Look at that ear fluff. He's the cutest


  1. He is so flippin handsome! He sounds like such a good boy too. Henry is going to come and borrow your patience tree one day haha!

    Cows are good for getting perked up ears for photos ;)

  2. Soooo cute!!! Gotta love sassy redheads. I love your face, you look so happy!

  3. He looks to be such a sporty guy!

    And eeeee, his ear fluff is so cute.

  4. That face tho -- both his and yours! :)

  5. He looks lovely! Your cookie face is the best!

  6. Oh my goodness, he really is just the cutest.

  7. He is just really so gorgeous! Sounds like you got a good one ;)

  8. Ooooh that trot pic tho!!! And that sweet sweet face!!! He looks like a great catch - nice find!!! :D

  9. Bahaha patience tree. He is truly stunning!

  10. Cuuuuuuutee!! And can I please get a patience tree? NEEDS.

  11. He's so adorable :) and his trot!!! <3

  12. Ahh! He is so cute!! And your smile speaks volumes!!