Monday, 19 September 2016

Hitting Refresh

Going Training this year has been amazing, but knowing that I have a senior horse it became extra critical to prep correctly. I spent most of the year focused on fitness. We hacked out a ton, but always with a plan. Canter sets, trot sets, long trots, hill work, rinse and repeat. When we weren't focusing on fitness we were working to sharpen up our dressage and SJ. We worked, and we worked hard.

Always ready for whatever shenanigans I've cooked up
After a super shitty Sunday morning I made the last minute decision to haul over to the local grazing reserve and go for a ride.

I had the absolute best ride! I had zero plan, zero ambition and Dee and I basically just went for a toodle.

We trotted when we felt like it, cantered when we felt like it, galloped when we felt like it and  just had a total blast.

There is something so good for the soul about hacking out on the buckle, surrounded by the amazing fall colours and just enjoying every step.

I'm going to try an remember to throw the plan out the window every once in a while. I'm positive we will be better for it.


  1. Heck yes!
    Sometimes it's best to just abandon the plan and have fun :)

  2. I love doing this! It's one of the best feelings.

  3. Those kind of hacks are the only reason I'm still sane! They're the best ☺

  4. My reset ride is to go trail riding to the winery. I've done it so much, I can ride on the buckle (and even play pokemon sometimes). It's pretty and enjoyable and requires little work on my part.

  5. Hacking out is great for both rider and horses' mind!

  6. I don't even know how to have a plan hahah, I'm always abandoning it! Sounds like you made a good call to have a chill ride. How beautiful are the fall colors too?!?

  7. That sounds so amazing! I look forward to when I have a trailer and can do this sort of thing without months of planning haha

  8. That can be SO tough to balance the need for executing the plan and just tooling around. I'm struggling with that too.

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