Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Blog Hop: Fuck Yeah!

Quite possibly the best blog hop yet has been brought to us by Beckz of I Will Jump Sweet Jumps.

I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks surrounding jumping since the Red Mare destroyed my ankle and then systematically destroyed my confidence. Because of this I love the idea of a post where I can collect some of my favourite badass moments. I'm going to come back here when I need a reminder that I am, in fact, a badass eventer.
I fell off later in this lesson, but at this moment it was for sure "Fuck Yeah"

Winning my first Extreme Trail class on my former PSG dressage pony turned eventer
(with a seriously bum ankle that made that stand nearly impossible)

First XC schooling with BestPony

First Hunt and first horse to have no issues with the spider

Most terrifying and exhilarating 2' jump

Rebecca Farm- Enough said

First Training, and the scariest jump on course

Stressaging like a boss


  1. So much fuck yea here! Love it and now I have another blog to follow! Thanks for taking part

  2. I love this blog hop, and you are crazy badass!

  3. wow I don't even have the balls to stand like that on the saddle, kudos and you are a BAMF!

  4. Woah that first picture, holy crap! Serious #bamf