Monday, 13 June 2016

New Dressage Saddle!

When I bought Dee it was my first experience with truly challenging saddle fitting. She has a super short back (and I need an 18" seat), a hollow behind her wither, and then she's super flat across her loin. I tried over 15 saddles before finding my fabulous Amerigo. It isn't a perfect fit but it's close enough that with a shimmed up half pad it causes us no problems.
So much love for my expensive Italian bum-candy
I also tried a bunch of dressage saddles. Nothing even came close to fitting. They were all either too long, they bridged or slid back really bad.

Gusseted panels are a complete no-go for her. They always end up sitting way past her last rib. Turns out, most dressage saddles have moved towards gusseted panels.

Add in that I really, really want brown and I spent my entire saddle budget on the Amerigo my saddle search got pushed to the back burner.

Then my dressage instructor put a training ride on Dee (#littleasshole had been a jerk while ponying and I managed to sprain my hand so badly I couldn't close my fingers, not super conducive for a dressage ride). She commented on how I should really look into getting a dressage saddle as my position problems are stemming from doing dressage in a XC saddle.
He can be such a jerk. Thank goodness he's cute
Two days later someone posted an older brown Crosby dressage saddle on our local HT association Facebook group. She was only asking $500 and was willing to have someone bring it up to Beaumont so I could try it.

I put it on Dee and was pleasantly surprised. I couldn't see any major issues. It was a little low in the back but seemed to fit everywhere else. I gave it a quick ride and sent a picture of me in it to my dressage instructor. I messaged the seller and asked if she would take $400.

I also had my previous coach (one of our only local saddle fitters) give the fit a quick look. She was shocked at how well it fit. It seemed like the shape of the saddle was made for Dee's back.

The seller said that $400 was perfect and that's how I ended up with a dressage saddle I wasn't really looking for, but couldn't pass up.

I'm not a fan of the colour though. I love brown dressage saddles, but this shade of brown is just unappealing. I may have to consume many an adult beverages and take a page out of Amanda's book and dye it. (I looked at dyes and there are too many for brown, I'm terrified to commit to one)


  1. DYE IT!!!! I used chocolate on my jump saddle.

  2. That is so awesome! I feel your pain on the dressage saddle fitting for saddlebreds. I agree with Amanda. DYE IT!!!!

  3. I had an old, old, old County that fit a saddlebred like it was made for him, but literally no other horse. It had the weirdest curvy tree, and swept up panels and a super narrow gullet. But he loved it. So weird, but awesome, when that happens.

    If you decide to upgrade later, a lot of saddle companies can make saddles with upswept panels for those super short backed creatures. I feel your pain. Pig's back ends basically at his last rib, making him stupid short backed. My 17" saddle almost sits on his loins. Plus side, he rides like a Ferrari.

  4. Lucky! Can you transfer your amazing dressage saddle finding luck to me now that you're done with it? Can't wait to see it dyed.

  5. Awesome! I'm glad you found a saddle that fits. That's next on my list for Emi.

  6. Yup dye it. Not scary. Just do it. Literally can't look worse.

  7. That coloring is very reminiscent of the old Bevals.

  8. I love when you find a saddle that fits the hard to fit horses!