Thursday, 10 March 2016

Welcome Drifter!

Since we moved to our lovely little acreage I've been harassing The Boy for another dog. Jill is very much his dog. She loves me, thinks I'm great and all, but will always chose him if he's around. I basically just harassed him until he finally decided that I was going to do it anyways, so he might as well get on board. (Because obviously being financially and emotionally responsible for 4 horses and 1 dog isn't enough in my world)
Jill likes me just fine, but she adores The Buy
I'm a huge fan of adoption but I have been burned in the past. A dog we got from a local rescue ended up costing us thousands of dollars in vet bills (the rescue had her for a year, there is no way they didn't know about the issues) for a systemic issue that was already prevalent when we got her.

When The Boy adopted Jill it was from a rescue that had brought her up from California. My friend Anne had been fostering her for a couple months so we felt comfortable that any known issues had been disclosed. Jill has been a fabulous fit for our family. She's happy to sleep on the couch all day. She's just as happy to spend the entire weekend on the go, at a horse show with me.

So when Anne went to Mexico on vacation and came home with a foster dog, I was super interested in meeting her. She's a 3(ish) year old WeimaranerxLab (best guess).

I just couldn't resist her. She's so sweet. We brought her home on a 2 week trial (her and Jill had a bit of a rough start).
Being a barn dog is exhausting

The first week involved some scrapping and some accidents but was overall a success. Needless to say, we are keeping her.
They both have the sad and pathetic look down pat.

Best of all? She picked me. She's my shadow. If I can't find her outside, it's likely because she is directly behind me.

Welcome home Drifter.