Monday, 19 January 2015

Crippling Vet Bills Averted

Best Pony continues to be awesome.  I've been putting drops in her eye for 6 days now and not once has she been rude about it.  The worst she does is squeeze her eye shut so hard I can't pry it open.  So I just pull down the lower lid, insert drops and voila!

I did have the vet look at it and she said it was healing perfectly and to just keep doing what I'm doing until I see no signs of the injury.

4 days of drops

I also managed to track down a flymask for her to wear until it is fully healed.  She looks completely ridiculous (it's got bug eyes)!  Hopefully only for a few more days.

Everyone wants cookies


  1. Glad she's getting better! So cute with her cheerful winter time fly mask ha ha

  2. Great to hear she's on the mend :)

  3. Good to hear, so glad she week be ok!

  4. what a relief that she's healing up!!

  5. I think she looks cute in her fly mask! Haha

  6. Just found your blog! LOVIN the blog header and name!!

    I obviously have no backstory on your mare, but its good shes healing!